Online Football Manager.

"Online Football Manager," is an online football management game in which the player gets the chance to manage their favorite football team from anywhere in the world. Find out more...

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Sunday, August 4, 2013


Online Football Manager Cheats!

Online Football Manager is the game in which you can become manager of your favourite football team. Show the world that you are the best football manager! Participate in a league or start one of your own along with your friends.

How does it work?
Online Football Manager is a manager game that is easy to learn, but it requires a decent amount of football know-how to be truly successful. 

Your goal is to have your team perform optimally in a league, competing with other managers. This may mean winning the championship, or achieving the goal that the board has set for you. You will not just be facing the computer, but also friends, family, co-workers or other managers from all over the world.

I have developed a cheats program for OFM that basically allows you to get unlimited budget to buy players and to maximise your player potentials! 

It is easy to understand and use. You have to login to your account, select the 2 options and wait for the program to complete the task. Do this only ONCE per 24hours as it might get patched.

How do I download this?

Is it safe?
Yes, most definitely! If you are still skeptical, just visit Virus Total's website to perform an online scan! 
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